About Me

I'm a parent living in the heart of Brooklyn Jewry ranting and raving about the very prevalent phenomenon of neglectful parenting in the Jewish community. I am a parent myself who was raised as one of eight by a Baal Tshuva couple from Israel. I may come off as elitist, opinionated, judgmental, angry at specific groups of parents in the community and obnoxiously kvetchy, but it really comes from a wish for all these neglected and sometimes unintentionally abused children to have a healthy and safe upbringing. Unfortunately, many parents in the Jewish community don't.

Most of you will consider my opinions too extreme. Some of you will agree with me. Other will just plain hate me. Well, I'm we can share opinions in this wonderful space we call the internet. I look forward to reading your comments, questions and criticisms (which I'm sure there will be plenty of...)

My grammar may sometimes be off, but I'm speaking through words more than writing.